Swiss Watches: Expecting More from IWC Watch

replica watches
replica watches

On the 2015 SIHH, IWC launched the brand-new 52000 movement. There are so many changes on the movement, then will the appearance echo it? The answer is sure, and even it has more changes than the movement and more amazing changes. When in the preview, changing the single barrel into double barrels, I think, is to make the movement thinner, as the thickness of Portuguese has been complained about. But beyond our expectation, it is 0.5mm thicker than we thought, even though this slight difference could not be perceived. Anyway, IWC brand-new Portuguese 7 Day Automatic is more excellent. IWC did a good job in getting a good pendulum at the expense of changing the single barrel.

IWC replica watches has many limited editions and they have great polishing or patterns on the case back, except this one. In addition to the limited numbers, you can see nothing special, just like a bleak Christmas. SO IWC chooses a special movement to make up this loss. Speaking of the movement, IWC has a great improvement on its movement as it applied precious metal, namely, the red gold, to it. We rare see precious metal in it, except a gold rotor on the previous Portuguese. The red gold makes it a class both in its look and winding efficiency. What’s more, blue steel screws make the color of the movement more abundant and beautiful. Performance of the movement is same to the former ones, as we could still see the quick changes and 68 hours of energy reserve and a 28,800 times per hour of the frequency.

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Swiss Watches: Patek Philippe for Luxury Watches and IWC for High-end Watches

replica watches
replica watches

Among all the swiss replica watches, there are top luxury brand such as Patek Philippe watches, and also the high-grade brand such as IWC, here will learn more about these two watches brands.

Patek Philippe 5270G Blue Dial Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

The movement is not only part of our focus. If we turn to another side, we will find its complications. Most perpetual calendar watches is completely sealed as the perpetual calendar part is placed at the top of the watch but in this 5270G you can see through the sapphire case back. A lot of information is revealed through the dial. For example, the week and month are displayed through two apertures under 12 o’clock. Another changes is the diameter of the watch that Patek Philippe change a 39mm case into a 41 mm one. It appears to be bigger but it still is a medium size. This case is made of 18 k white gold, and has a quite funny protruding lug that has Patek Philippe’s shape. Besides, the case is quite thinner, which is about 12.4 mm, so you won’t feel heavy when wearing it. Patek Philippe has a neat look, complications, and grace. The small change on it gives us a more simple and modern watch. The last change that we want to mention is the blue on the dial and strap.

For the IWC watches, you will know that all the Portuguese series choose IWC 5000 movement and the biggest advantages of this movement is the big scales that is quite obvious and has 7 days of energy reserve. It is also fitted with a unique winding system that you won’t find among other movement in IWC. IWC 5000 movement contributes to a big dial, and the simple design on the dial makes it easier to read time. The brand-new screw-in sapphire case back looks quite delicate.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on IWC IW544203

quality replica watches
quality replica watches

IWC Portuguese IW544203 is specially design in commemoration of Jones, and there a limited number of 3000 steel version, 500 platinum version, 1000k rose gold version and 50 platinum skeleton version and 100 18k rose gold skeleton version. Although it has been a long time since its debut, rare people know it. IWC Portuguese IW544203 has a typical design and paid its homage to F.A Jones. Inheriting the style of big watch design, it reaches 43 mm and due to the thinner edges, the width of the dial is almost to the diameter of the watch itself, so it has a bigger size. While in the 2005 when big-size watches are not popular yet, Jones limited edition definitely made contribution to the rising of the big-size watch. At the 12 o’clock, the letters, F.A.Jones, is branded on it, once again releasing the special meaning of this watch. What’s more, the elegant Breguet hands are applied to the second hand and minute hand, plus the blue steel materials, it looks modern.

IW544203 has different editions and each has a limited number. The appearance of IW544203 meet Bauhaus style. Clear reading has the priority and then the visual impact comes as second. The 98290 movement gains high credit. The movement has a 19th ornamentation and full of history feel, but this is an ancient movement so it only oscillates at a frequency of 2.5 Hz.

For the IWC Portuguese IW544203, it is Glucydur Balance with the 18000 Hz/hour, and it has 18 jewels and 46 hours power reserve, and it features the thinness of 11.7 mm, STAINLESS STEEL watch case material and round watch dial shape and sapphire crystal table mirror and STAINLESS STEEL watch crown and deep brown watch strap of crocodile texture and pin buckle, the weight of 80g and the waterproof of 30 meters.

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